Not IN lOvE

A job that makes me sick every morning I get up. The only thing that helped me out of bed was the thought of coming back to bed by night. After all the struggle of trying to snatch myself off the clutches of dreamy sleepy state I end up getting dressed only to be standing at Mira Road station, listening to the sound of Arijith and fancying someone singing for me the same way. And arrives the train, heart starts to pump a bit faster. The train already filled with people hanging out as though they were born to be traveling this way. I too had to make my way in, trying to make gap to through the healthy angry figures. And finally begins my day with small wars that I fight with all my might that it leaves very little strength in me to face the remaining catastrophe at work.

As every other day I reach my office, a very small space just enough to fit in ourselves. This small space actually motivates us to leave on time for the actual task for which we were appointed. So actually I am a marketing personnel in a Well reputed media company. My duty in short, is to visit agencies and get revenue for my company. (Might as well term it as dignified begging and I hate my job)

On one such day on my visit to one of the agencies I noticed someone. Noticed as in noticed very carefully. There was nothing in common between me or him (about which I was quite depressed). But that image was not ready to fade away from my thoughts. And from that day onwards all my thoughts started to completely revolve around him. And the thought were not specifically romantic, I only wanted to converse, something or anything. I could not keep my thoughts to myself as they were flooding out and I had to talk about it to someone and eventually I did. My colleague, Tiara, with whom I share almost every feeling, said that the noticing that happened was infatuation and that I should try and pull myself out of it. (How I wish it was as easy as it did just seem to be)

Finally my thoughts started to cater me with troubles I never intended to have. I started to find my mornings less sleepy and dreams which actually encouraged me to get going for work. I was at the station and now I was listening to Arijith and actually paying attention to the lyrics. The healthy figures’ hanging by the train seemed to be smiling today or was it just me finding charm and grace in everything around me. I was not bothered until I was happy.

I did not know his name, neither is profession, nor anything else related to him, but I was happy in my world. NO, I was not in love, but the thoughts that I made up were just too beautiful to come true so I kept the realty at bay and only stared at him every time I saw him pass by at the agency. Everything was just perfect and it remained perfect for more than two months. And one day at the agency when I was standing and hoping to see him just pass by something unusual happened. I saw him coming straight to me, I tried waking myself up from my thoughts, but it was not me, he came straight up to me and leaned a little just so my words would not go unheard and be picked by him without a miss;

“Hey, hi.. How are you?” He asked so politely that I was trying to figure out whether he was being polite only to know why I had been staring at him for long or whether he was just genuinely interested in knowing what my problem was.

“I am fine, actually you work here right? What profile? do you handle any account here?” Out of utter nervousness these are the only dumb questions I could gather and ask.


“Yes in the creative team. What is your name?” and I just suddenly realised I could have just ended my previous interrogation only by asking him his name.

“Tessa, and you?”

“Charlie, ok it was very nice to meet you” and he left and I just stood staring at him vanishing from the scene. There was so much I wanted to ask. I did not even shake hands with him! But why was I getting so hyper? I did not want to talk in the first place. Whatever my plan was, now I only want to talk to him and know everything about him. I had an achievement to be happy about, I knew his name! I knew what name I am supposed to call him! And my phone beeped, a friend request on FB. What was I supposed to do next? Accept it? Will I portray myself as a desperate woman? Should I not? Will I portray myself as an arrogant woman? Before I could finish making my decision I had already accepted the request and the very next moment we were chating.

By the time I had reached home we were talking as if we were friends for more than a decade.



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