Thoughts on finger tips!

Wondering on how to fill and complete my first blog ever. In an office where I have joined a month back but have still no clue on what position I am exactly working on. This is an US based company and may be it is the culture there to first recruit any random people and then try to figure out what that person is actually really very good at and them keep them for that particular talent or kick their ass out of the office for their uselessness.

Being from Mumbai makes it really difficult to be at a low paced place. By the way I am in Ahmedabad now, shifted here after I got married the cutest guy in the attire of a rude cold person I have ever met. Initially the low pace was kind of very impressive. Get up when u want, brush when you want, no trains to catch, no buses to run after, cook mostly veg which takes not more than an hour. But after a while I was bored from the vacation mode and the boredom seems to continue.

I made it a point to be independent because I like to buy things and giving explanation for each and everything to be bought just spoils all the fun of shopping. So I have landed in this Company.  But Identity crisis is something I have always found difficult to be dealt with, but this one is huge. When my in-laws ask me what my role in the Company is, I rattle out some stupid things which comes right down from the identity crisis that i am dealing with. What am I doing here? Basically started out to keep myself occupied and have save my bank account from going below the required balance. Though the later is working out but I have not been able to do the first part.

Things might take time and fall in its place and just hope to not be the one kicked out for being of no use. So I will pretend that I am really busy and start with something really cool and beneficial, I will start writing blogs. Instead of being on constant war with myself with the very reason of my existence in this office I will pour it all out and might as well share it.




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