Accidental Truth

After a friend of mine met with an accident I was more drawn towards articles that would give me insights regarding the Road accidents that occur in our very country. Until now I assumed that the Bikers and the Auto wallas are the prime reason for most of the accidents that take place but no! It is us pedestrians that walk our way to different destinations that cause most of the accidents. Now here I would like to add my definition to the word Pedestrians, absolutely restricted to my country: So Pedestrians would involve us human beings, Cows and Of course our respected Menaka Gandhi’s favorite pet- Dogs! Also let me make it very clear that no satire is intended here as Cows and Dogs are more taken care of and are more safe than any of the commoners in India. So everything said is definitely with utmost respect!

Statistics by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Traffic Safety Facts states that 11% of transport (disregarding miles traveled) happens by foot, but pedestrians are involved in 13% of vehicle-related fatalities. But here of course NHTSA would have very conveniently disregarded the contribution of our Cattle, cats and dogs (by not including them in the statistics). NHTSA should not forget that they too have a very strong political support, is not a death in their community more important than ours’?

It is wonderful to see them living a thug life! Coming back to the accident that my friend met with, on his way back from his office as usual. Like us all he was also in no hurry to reach home- but of course happy that the day was coming to an end and that he could reward himself with the bestest of sleep ever for all the work he did all day long. Absolutely enjoying the “me time” that he gave to himself, he suddenly saw a dog like figure jump in front of the bike and backed off. But my friend with the fear of being beaten up by bunch of people who belongs to no political group and get vanished completely after beating up anybody, who they suspect might have hurt a four-legged creature; gave a sudden brake! All was fine, and in that fraction of second as he gasped “Bach gaya” (“Saved”), with a thrust from the back side, he flew in the air and landed into a puddle of muck. Not having a clue of what just happened he tried to make sure he is alive and is intact in one piece.

By the time he could make sure of his existence an angry young man rushed towards him, shouted at him, cursed him for being ahead of him, for not informing him before he used his breaks, for riding bike at night, for his existence on this planet and anything he could have thought of at that point of time and fumed back into his car and left as if all the burden on this earth was on his shoulders and If he didn’t reach in time the entire universe would rumble down, the emotion he missed was of guilt of hitting his car on to his bike.


My friend luckily safe landed into that pool and did not suffer any major injury. But that stupid four-legged creature did not even want to cross the road, what was it trying to do? Play Peek-A-Boo? Now whom do we approach for such incidents and to whom can we complain against the four-legged creature? The police treat all these cases as road accidents and maintain no separate record.

If you cannot provide a solution at least do not interfere the way, we get our things done. A famous Malayalam proverb states – Neither will the Dog eat Grass nor will it allow Cow to eat it.



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