She had to leave, trying to tug in the entire universe into her newly bought luggage bags. She wished if she could just take anything and everything she saw around her, her room, her home, her parents, her siblings, her friends…. Or the friend! The confusion was killing her. It was her decision to be the obedient one. Then why is it so difficult to walk on the path that she had been planning on. Her heart just did not want to follow her thoughts and there she found herself in a situation so difficult she felt the immense pain in her throat that kept coming every time she tried not to let those tears fall down. All efforts in vain as she could feel her eyes no longer had the strength to hold back those memories.

But she was the strong girl her parents were proud of her, she could not think of anything going wrong at this moment. She was always guided with what is right and what is wrong, she had been thought how to behave. When she always thought, she was to be the first one to give in and make sure that everyone around her is happy, someone for the first time asked her how she felt, asked her if she wanted to do it her way, told her there is no right and no wrong, taught her to listen to what the little voices inside her kept saying. She initially thought him to be a cheesy lame fellow who watched too many Sharukh Khan movies but slowly she created with him a universe of their own. She wanted to treasure every little moment that he gifted her. It was so precious that she never even shared her thoughts about him to anyone. She wanted all for herself as she felt others would not understand the beauty of what they shared.


When not with him she would gather all the incidents and plan about how to narrate it to him and explain of how she feels about it all and when with him she would just remain calm and listen to everything that he has to tell her. He wonderfully explained of how life was so beautiful to be lived each day at a time, to take each step with complete joy as you might not have them tomorrow, to be aware of your breath, your heart beat, how your skin can recognize hot from cold, how your eyes can see the different colors. That day she ran home, she was happy she was tired, she could feel her heart beat so loud, her lungs wanted to suck all the oxygen in just one time, her temperature had risen and she enjoyed all this and was wonder stuck of how she never experienced them ever before.


But today she had to go and tell him that she would not be able to meet him and that she might not return for a long time. On her way she was piling up thoughts about how to tell him, what he has been to her, about how he has helped her see a completely new world, how she feels that he is everything to her. She had been trying to do this for the past one week, but as usual she walked all the way, sat with him and listened to all that he had to say. On her way back she wondered if she would ever be able to see things like he helped her to. He taught her to love, to live, to enjoy and be happy, but did not teach her to do all of it all by herself.


That day she carried a little of him with her and promised herself to see the world through his eyes. She tried being joyful and being happy within herself, she continued packing, made sure she had picked up every little thing she owns, that was dear to her. Her mom came in as she had to leave in little time and get dressed up well before that. A feeling kept troubling her, she had forgotten something and she kept running all around the house figuring out what it could be. She finally gave up and went ahead. She did not realise, in the process of making herself believe that she could go along and be happy by seeing the world through his eyes she had left a lot of herself back with him.


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