Being Prejudice

Earth is as much mine as is yours! Humans on earth are so insignificant, but the pride carried is so heavy and tedious that they tend to forget everyone is equally important.


Let’s start with one of the very famous discoveries made by Galileo Galilee. He made careful observations and promoted heliocentric theory by Nicolaus Copernicus. There by the church declared him to be apostate. Heliocentric books were banned and Galileo was ordered to refrain from holding, teaching or defending heliocentric ideas. (Galileo was actually given permission to bring out the facts with a few restrictions by Pope VII, But Galileo could not adhere to that and resulted in his trial and was sent to house imprisonment.) Galileo did not discuss regarding the theory there after. So did that refrain the earth from going around the Sun and being just one of the many planets?


TV since its inception has had to face a lot of negative opinions including psychological effects, health effects and alleged dangers. And with the growing popularity of television, the quote “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity, the world will only have a generation of idiots” By Einstein (Not sure as there no substantive evidence that Einstein made this statement) became equally famous. And from there on television was nicknamed an Idiot Box! This quote has been very flexible and is found to be attached with any new technology that has been successful in gaining the attention of masses.

People also claimed that one would stop reading much as television would absorb all time and attention! But what followed is history, Books actually gained fame and still continues to be our best friend. Though TV has evolved big time, but pleasure that reading gives us cannot experienced elsewhere. Of course reading a book has now changed to reading on Kindle or Watt pad, but reading still exists.


Today all angry discussions are about gay marriages, going to mars, pro-life, Mobile phones, ISIS, Trump, etc. It is like all of a sudden people just forgot that around five years back all talks were about Global warming and the movies that kept rekindling the spark of disastrous thoughts. 2012 (the ultimate action adventure Hollywood movie) had given us real high hopes of experiencing Noah’s Ark story with ultra-modern amenities. Which means you never know what might happen tomorrow.

Some predictions and struggles turn out to be true and for the good, is it not rude to shove up our opinions onto others and believe only in the very specific things we are very happy and convenient with. Why are we so negative and suppress anything, we feel can bring in an uprising. Why does everything have to bother and irritate us. Why can’t we live and let live?


The latest of them all is Jio Lyf!!! Seriously the bestest of all marketing source is word of mouth and of course WhatsApp. Patience is a rare virtue! And so never in our human life have we showed enough patience for one to come up with something and then give them enough time to prove themselves. We are so happy in our comfort zones that we knock off anything that is new and would second anyone who would initiate a rebel against everything that is not involved in our comfort zone. Haa, that is the easiest thing to do!

Instead why not encourage new thoughts, support your fellow beings, give them an ear and a little time. Why not step out of our comfort zone and see what the world has to offer. Can we keep our prejudice at distance and not come to conclusions and create a complete confusion? Insecurity and inferiority complexes should be kept at bay, then the world would have so many new inventions and discoveries to enjoy!



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